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XGrabControl.git LD_PRELOAD override for XGrab* family. 3 years ago
amiga-uae-virus-scan.git FS-UAE emulation based Amiga virus scanner for the Linux CLI. 3 years ago
can2joy.git Use cars as controllers for racing games. 5 years ago
centaur.git ELF executable file editing toolkit. 8 years ago
elmcan.git Linux SocketCAN kernel driver for ELM327 based devices. 4 months ago
enwiki-links-graph.git Quick 'n' dirty hack to find the Wikipedia article furthest away... 4 years ago
fuse-aexplorer.git A crude re-implementation of the Amiga Explorer protocol, for... 4 years ago
grGL.git Graph rendering using OpenGL - testbed for visigoth 3D mode. 4 years ago
jmdict-cli.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the... 19 months ago
libmalice.git Simple libc replacement for small programs. 4 years ago
mikmod-rockbox.git MikMod port to Rockbox from 2007. 4 years ago
openwrt.git OpenWRT with patches for F@ST2504n board 9 years ago
prosody-hacks.git Patches for the Prosody XMPP server. 4 years ago
prosody.git 7 years ago
revag-bap.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the... 3 years ago
revag-nm.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the... 3 years ago
spdif-tools.git Tools for encoded S/PDIF streams. 4 years ago
sysstatus.git System status line for dzen2 and i3bar. 22 months ago
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bitonic-mengthesis.git 10 years ago